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Laser tattoo removal in Shellharbour


Removing a tattoo is a big decision. At Laserpro Tattoo Removal, our professional staff use the latest technology to effectively remove or lighten unwanted tattoos. Our hygienic clinic is based in Shellharbour.

We have Government certified laser safety officers and operators on staff to safely treat your tattoo. From tattoos both big and small and no matter your skin colour, we deliver high quality results that are sure to impress.

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Our technicians use Quanta Q-Switched technology and equipment—the best tattoo removal products on the market.
Laser energy is directly targeted to the tattoo area, harmlessly removing the pigment and fragmentising the ink. This allows your body to then absorb it and naturally flush it away.
View our image gallery of previous clients. See how effective our tattoo removal treatment is for all skin types and tattoos both large and small.